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Laptop BoardViewer Software download free

What is Laptop BoardViewer Software

Boardview is a type of files containing information about printed circuit boards, their components, used signals, test points and more. These files may have following extensions: .asc, .bdv, .brd, .bv, .cad, .cst, .gr, .f2b, .fz. and others. Usually, different manufacturers use their own boardview formats which makes it difficult to view and work with these files. Each format requires installation of special software which is inconvenient. We share here a table of multiple Boardviewer Software link.

 BoardViewer For all Extensions :- Download from this Link BoardViewer.

Laptop BoardViewer Software download from Below Link

TypeDescriptionDownload Software
.BRDTopTest BoardVIew R3BoardViewR3_BRD.rar
 TopTest BoardVIew R4BoardViewR4_BRD.rar
LANDREX TEST LINK(Old) ver:1.0T_link01 Ver1.0.rar
LANDREX TEST LINK(New) ver:2.2T_link01 MSI-Apple_BRD.rar
OPEN BOARD Viewer R7.3Open boardview R7.3.rar
Allegro Free Physical Viewer Ver:15.7Allegro Free Physical Viewer
Allegro Free Physical Viewer Ver:16.6Allegro free viewer V16.6.rar
New Board View(SUZHOU)New-Board View(SUZHOU).rar
.BVATE .BV Boardview ver:1.5.0. The BoardView v1.5 does not support File>Open” options . To open a “Board view” file Only use a “Drag & Drop” function .Board
.F2BUnisoft ProntoPLACE .F2B Board View.Place5-F2B.rar
.GR BoardView R5.0(GR) BoardView R5.0(GR).rar
.CSTIBM LENOVO  Card analisis support tool ver:3.32Castw IBM.rar
.TVWTebo IctView Ver:3.0TeboView_DeHua.rar
.TVWTeboView(.TVW) Ver:4.0TeboView(.TVW)
 .FZPCB Repair Tool. CTRL+F10 to open from FAB folder.CTRL+F11 to open from custom folder. If error 203 appears restart the aplicationPCBRepairTool.rar
 BoardViewer For all ExtentionsBoardViewer for All Extentios (.asc .BV .brd .bdv .cad .cst .gr .f2b .faz .fz .tvw )BoardViewer

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