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How to fix Modern Warfare 2 Steam Connection Time Out error (PC)

Steam currently has a Connection Time out error that makes it impossible to access anything. Whether you are trying to enjoy Modern Warfare 2 on Steam Deck or access your Steam library on your PC, you may be running into the Connection Timeout error. Here is how to fix the Steam Connection Timeout error.

All Steam Connection Time out Error Fixes

There are multiple fixes that can eliminate your Steam Connection Timeout error. The first fix is to check to see if the Steam servers are down. By verifying the Steam server’s status, you can determine if it is a Steam issue or something on your end.

Next, you need to check your connection. Double-check that your device has a proper Internet connection. If it is spotty, try restarting your router and PC to give both of them the chance to form a fresh connection.

With that done, you can also clear your cache data. Even if you are running Steam outside of a browser, this method can help fix your Steam Connection Timeout error. Open your browser, select Settings, and select “Clear browsing data.” A new window will pop up. Check every box and select “Clear data.”

Another fix to eliminate the Steam Connection Timeout error is to update the network adapter driver. Sometimes, out-of-date drivers can interfere with your connection and cause issues. To update the network adapter driver, select the Windows button and select “Device Manager.” From the network adapters dropdown, right-click your Intel driver and select “Update driver.” In the new window, select “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

Try deleting and reinstalling the Steam application. The problem may be that your current downloaded version of Steam is corrupt. By redownloading Steam, you’re getting a fresh version of Steam that will hopefully eliminate any Connection Timeout errors.

Checking your antivirus and firewall settings can fix this issue. To do that, search “Windows Firewall” in the Windows search bar. Open the “Windows Firewall” control panel and turn off the Windows Firewall. Revisit Steam and see if the Connection Timeout error is fixed. If it isn’t turn the Windows Firewall back on.

Hopefully one of these fixes solved your Steam Connection Timeout error issue. For more error code help for any game or application.

Steam is available on PC.

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